Wake Me Up When Its all Over

“They say I’m too young to understand, they say I’m caught up in a dream

“That life will pass me by if I dont open up my eyes, well thats fine by me”

Now before we begin, I know how much you want to blast me for being a lazy writer and I would be lying if I told you its writer’s block. I promise to work on that. Okay, now focus

Another crazy day at school, doing voice overs ( nobody lie to you that is easy!! I felt 5 times hungrier than I was) So I get to the house and one hot shower and plate of meal later, I’m there sitting on my couch, practicing what we Kenyans do best, stalking people on social media. Then one hashtag ruins it all. #RIPAvicii. 

At first, it seems like a big joke. Like some jerk feels reenacting Aprils Fools Day is actually funny. I head down to Twitter, my number one source for verification of news stories. At this time, my heart is literally in my mouth. The first trend on my timeline is the same I’ve come across minutes ago.

Everything feels like its frozen in time. Okay, I think Twitter has been hacked, I say out loud while scrolling down. But then reality hits me that my EDM (Electronic dance music) icon is no more. A cursed tear flows on my left cheek. Well this has never happened-crying because an artist has passed away-or crying for anything for that matter.

Those who closely know me know there are only two genres that resonate with me; House music and 90’s blues. You can therefore imagine how I felt. Kinda like the same way chickens feel when they see their fellow chicken facing the knife for our consumption. The world has lost one of the most talented deejays in EDM. Its funny, crazy and weird that it feels like I’ve known him on a more personal level rather than the fan perspective. I go to my music playlist and play the only song of him I have in my phone; Hey Brother from his album True for the rest of the night.

Well, there goes my dream of bringing Avicii to Kenya. Crazy I know, but it gets even more crazier that I believed it would work.

Dear Avicii,

If you can hear me I just have one last request. Ask if you can play your songs in heaven so that when my time comes, I transit to an awesome paradise. Thank you for the music. And for lifting my moods up when they were low, and for making me a bathroom singing freak. Shine your way.

Tim Bergling

8 September 1989- 20 April 2018


Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site – Dark Star Safari

In all honesty, travelling is something that is still in my bucket’s list of things to accomplish before my expiry date. So I’m reblogging this as a way of reminding myself that procastination is my number one enemy (after fruits..Yes of all kinds). Follow the author at kenyancamper.

The Kenyan Camper

It’s easy to discount the familiar; thats why those who live near Mount Kenya have never climbed it and why not everyone at the coast goes to the beach on a daily. I say this because just as I have never written an article on how to camp neither have I written about Olorgesailie. This is strange because I visit here so often I guess it became too familiar to me hence the laxity in writing about it. However I thought I’d share my special spot and made a call out for any Instagramers who wanted to head out for a night and get their astrophotography on and this lit the fire that finally led to this article getting done.

olorgesailie-irungu-camping-kenya-05 Mount Olorgesailie. Photo: Irungu

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